RCO Rota

Instructions.       Do you want to volunteer and help out? CLICK HERE

To volunteer as an RCO simply click the PLUS + Icon at the bottom right of the calendar, this will take you to the google sign in page, you will have had an invite to edit this calendar previously.

Simply click a Saturday and type AM or PM plus your name in the appropriate box. 

Video "HOW TO" at the bottom of this page.

Example input: AM Nick

Are you a club member who wishes to support with RCO duties?
Please complete the form and we will send you a link for the rota above.

Thanks for submitting, someone will be in touch shortly.

AM : 10am - 1300pm
PM : 1300pm - 1600pm


expected to set up range. (open up, flags, target boards, Sign in books, range photos)

expected to close range. (flags, target boards, sign in books away, complete range log book, close and lock up)