Range Report Beckingham 600m 04 Nov 18

Range Report Beckingham 600m Sunday 04 Nov 18

Range: 300m & 600m Weather: Overcast, 10ºC Wind 2-5mph left to right Shooting start 09:00am

As far as a November shoot on a military range goes, it was a great days shoot, nice mild weather with little wind and no rain. Beckingham ranges have to be close to the best kept ranges anywhere in the uk, with a number of ranges to use and various distances, today was either the 300 or 600 on the same gallery range. plus its only 20 minutes or less (depending where you live) from Lincoln.

After  setting up the targets in the butts and receiving a complimentary  😉 range briefing from Paul Ferguson, it was time to get into the exciting bit of the day!

We split into two details, with the first shooting detail starting at 300m for a handful of sighters each, good start, all in the black for each shooter. A mixture of .223 and .308 rifles in use on this detail.

Then moving back out to 600 to test nerves for that 1st shot! No problems, again some great shooting for this detail who swiftly went in to shooting groups of 5 rounds with Nic Barnard putting in a nice 4-5 inch group with his Ruger RPR in .308.

The swap over was around 11:30 with the second detail deciding not to bother at 300m, and get straight down to 600m popping. Jason Greig shooting for the first time beyond 75m was in the bull within 2 shots with his .308, testament to good reloading and knowing the speed of the round! Some varied calibres on this detail including: 6.5 Creedmoor, .308, and even a .224 Valkyrie! All of which were nailing the v Bull through out the afternoon.

Top shot on the day honours should really be shared between Carl Stuffins and Mike Barrat, both keeping just about every shot in the small V Bull from start to finish! Know your rifle, scope and rounds, you wont go far wrong!

Big thanks to Paul Ferguson for giving up his day to run as RO!

Great day, cant wait to get back out there again!…..and again 🙂

by Pete Leverett

by Pete Leverett

by NIc Barnard

by NIc Barnard



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