For Sale Original 6M Classic Target Pistol .177 cal

For Sale.

Original 6M Target pistol.  Price £160  SOLD  SOLD  SOLD

.177 classic air pistol, sold new in May 83 (in Glasgow). Original receipts, booklet and boxed.

Pistol is recoilless, one of the first of its kind!

Pistol features Turn over barrel cocking aid, Fully adjustable target sights front and rear, 4 way adjustable rear sight aperture, super fine adjustment trigger, original target grips.

2 small paint chips to the body of the pistol. Hardly used with an exceptionally clean barrel.

To help, Ive video’d this pistol, there are two vids, one of the pistol as an overview, and one of me shooting it for a few shots. Interested, please email me at I can bring this up to the range any Saturday, or if you are Lincoln based, I would be happy to meet you somewhere during the week. Overview

Shooting the 6M


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